Character Recommendations Based on Bugsy Siegel

Elsa Frozen

This ice queen needs to learn to let it go

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy

He tells you everything you need to know: "I. Am. Groot."

Sadness Inside Out

She's mostly doom and gloom, but you’d get nowhere without her

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow Iron Man / The Avengers

Her allegiances may shift, but her ruthless spy skills never let her down

Peter Quill Guardians of the Galaxy

He's Star Lord, man. Legendary outlaw. C'mon, still not ringing any bells?

Rachel Green Friends

Getting her life together… and doing a better job than most people give her credit for

Damon Salvatore The Vampire Diaries

He used to miss being human. Now he can't think of anything more miserable

Puss In Boots Shrek 2

Suave, honorable ladies man/cat who's not above playing cute until you let down your guard

Carl Fredricksen Up

A crotchety old man who may just have it in him to take one last, great adventure

Loki Thor / The Avengers

Fiendish prince of inter-dimensional mischief