Finding Nemo
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in the Great Barrier Reef, but ask her tomorrow and she might not remember. This regal blue tang has short-term memory loss, and she’s about to stray far from her home to help her new clownfish friend Marlin find his son, Bingo.

Profession... tour guide for Marlin through the depths of the Pacific Ocean. She might have had another profession at some point, but she can’t quite remember. For now she’s focused on the only clue that points to Harpo’s location: P. SHERMAN 42 WALLABY WAY, SIDNEY.

Interests… everything! What ISN’T exciting when you’re discovering it for the first time? Everything is new and fascinating when you’re unencumbered by worries and memories. Dory loves making new friends, and has a natural affinity with whales.

Relationship Status... newly friends with Marlin, though they couldn’t be more different. He’s neurotic and worrisome, and Dory can’t understand why he’s always such a Grumpy Gills. But she’s determined to stick with him until they find his son.

Challenge... finding Fabio. On the way, she’s got to survive shark attacks, get through jellyfish forests, and keep Marlin’s spirits up. On top of it all, Dory has to reorient herself every few seconds. She often forgets where she is and what she’s doing, but that has never stopped her before… at least, she doesn’t think it has.

Personality... cheery and ready for anything. Every glass is half full for Dory, and that enthusiasm is infectious. Unlike her companion Marlin, who spends his life on the edge of panic, Dory is relentlessly optimistic. When things seem tough, she just keeps swimming.


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