Bugsy Siegel
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Bugsy Siegel


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About Him

Living… in the 1940s in New York with his wife and family – at least until recently. He’s now on a long “business” trip in California.

Profession… gangster. Bugsy has moved to Beverly Hills in an attempt to corner the west coast market for the New York mob. Unfortunately, making moves out in California might be a lot tougher than Bugsy originally thought. He's in charge of trying to control certain betting parlors in Los Angeles controlled by a notorious gangster.

Interests… socializing. Bugsy likes the high life, and he is often out and about town, which is starting to capture a lot of attention – probably too much notoriety for a mobster. 

Relationship Status… involved with the Hollywood star, Virginia Hill. He uses quite a pick up line on her: "I only talk this much before I kill someone." It's undeniable that the attraction is real, but Virginia’s had her romantic trysts, and Bugsy is hesitant to leave his wife.

Challenge… building his dream – a glamorous city in the Nevada desert where the classiest people would come to gamble. He has plans to open up a casino called Flamingo, a name inspired by Virginia’s long legs. He thinks this venture will help legitimize the mob, but it’s costing a lot more he had planned. His mafia partners, “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky, are upset that they have had to bankroll Bugsy $5 million more than what was budgeted. But Bugsy doesn’t get too concerned with money. After all, he says “it’s only dirty paper.”

Personality… charm-oozing and slick as they come. And Bugsy knows it. He is so vain that he even stops in the middle of killing someone to look in the mirror to make sure that a hair is not out of place. But he is not just a pretty boy; Bugsy can “bug out” when he gets angry, which is how he got to be known as Bugsy. Although he’s a schemer and a killer, he also comes a bit naïve. He is a romantic with big dreams. 

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