Because you like Lucy Whitmore in 50 First Dates

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Laurel Castillo

In a group of self-serving career climbers, she's the only one who wants to serve others See them in How to Get Away with Murder.

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Cory Matthews

Equal parts funny and neurotic, Cory's biggest strength is his warm, generous spirit See them in Boy Meets World.

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Allie Hamilton

Prim and proper Allie was raised to follow the rules. But she's got a fiery rebellious side too See them in The Notebook.

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Kira Yukimura

Introverted Kira is sweet, bubbly, and eager to make friends See them in Teen Wolf.

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Claire Temple

Dedicated nurse providing secret care to New York's vigilantes See them in Daredevil.

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Dorothy Gale

A down-home Kansas girl in a bizarre fantasy land See them in The Wizard of Oz.

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Chuck Bartowski

Sweet, laid-back electronics store/top secret government employee See them in Chuck.

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Matt Flamhaff

He's not too concerned about being part of the popular crowd. Too bad his best friend is See them in 13 Going on 30 .

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Serena van der Woodsen

Charismatic, free-spirited, and catches the attention of everyone she meets See them in Gossip Girl.

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Michael Moscovitz

A high school student of few words but a lot of heart See them in The Princess Diaries.

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Anya Jenkins

She's got a real harsh bark to go with her demonic bite See them in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Annie James

Polite and clever, and even though she grew up high-class, she's not afraid to stir up a little mischief See them in The Parent Trap.