Character Recommendations Based on Carroll Shelby

Ian Gallagher Shameless

Level-headed Ian may be focused on his goals, but he's got a mischievous side too

Thanos Guardians of the Galaxy

An intergalactic warlord, on the hunt for infinite power

Yennefer of Vengerberg The Witcher

Yennefer will fight tooth and claw to hold on to her freedom

John Wick John Wick

Killing over 124 people with gunshots alone

Elton John Rocketman

The road to stardom is a rocky ride

Allison Hargreeves The Umbrella Academy

A confident celebrity who wasn't quite careful enough about what she wished for

Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek

Passionate, moral, and ready to stitch you back together

Rue Bennett Euphoria

Overprescribed and under-supervised her entire life

Mickey Milkovich Shameless

Don’t mess with Mickey unless you want to see the wrong side of one of his many guns

The Master Doctor Who

This self-described "master of all" is old, mighty, and utterly mad