Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher

    The Boys
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with a family in a less-than-legal business. In childhood, he had a close relationship with his sister, Hattie Shaw. She used to look up to him, and they would set up heist situations and other espionage pranks on kids.

Living... alone in London with his fancy and sleek cars.

Profession... mercenary. He used to be a MI6 agent, but he defected from the agency after being set up.

Interests... saving his sister from death by lethal virus and verbally sparring with Luke Hobbs.

Relationship Status... single, but has some type of romantic or physical entanglement with a Russian contact, Madam M.

Challenge... saving Hattie from dying of "Snowflake" virus capsules in her bloodstream and also saving the entire world from being exposed to said lethal bio-weapon.

Personality... cool, collected, and lethal. Shaw drives fancy cars and wears fancy suits on his way to beat up bad guys. He is also very good at maintaining his calm and getting out of tight situations by doing things like pulling off an impressive vehicular feat in order to escape from a technologically enhanced supervillain. Shaw is also very family-oriented and determined to save his sister by any means necessary.


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