The Boys
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in New York City, headquarters of the Seven. It’s a long way from where he supposedly “came from” – a distant planet. In truth, he was just another early experiment with Vought International’s Compound V.

Profession... Oh, I don’t know, just being the greatest living superhero? He’s the leader of the Seven – your favorite superhero team created by Vought Industries. As far as abilities, he’s got the classics covered – flight, super strength, and x-ray laser vision. Homelander is an ambitious careerist, murdering and manipulating people however he sees it.

Interests... cultivating his influence by manipulating people, and basking in the celebrity lifestyle and luxury his life affords him.

Relationship Status... definitely a pathological case. Homelander’s sociopathic tendencies carry over into his love life. Aside from the odd relationship he has with Madelyn Stillwell, there is also his coercing of Starlight, and the mysterious relationship he did or didn’t have with Becca Butcher. Long story short: it’s a mess.

Challenge... staying clear of Billy the Butcher and keeping his metaphorical mask on. Butcher wants Homelander’s scalp after suspecting the supe of doing the unthinkable to his wife. Plus, given his origin story, the guy can’t even understand or process love. He’s supposed to be humanity’s savior, yet he couldn’t care less about them. It can’t be long until humanity starts to nice.

Personality... pretty boy with sociopathic tendencies. To the public, he seems like the perfect Samaritan – a good ol’ boy who loves God and country. But just wait until you get into a room with him when he knows the cameras are off. That’s when you’ll meet the snake that lurks beneath the glossy veneer. He cares more about his brand than keeping his devoted public safe.


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