Benoit Blanc

Benoit Blanc

    Knives Out
Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… Benoit Blanc’s charming and refined manner almost masks the way he watches everyone in the room like a hawk. Of course, you have to, when you’re a famous private detective. When Benoit is called in by an anonymous party to investigate the death of a prominent—and wealthy—mystery writer, he has a feeling that unraveling every twist and turn of this case is even more crucial than usual. The fate of a family depends on it.

Personality… charismatic, clever, and empathetic. Benoit uses keen powers of deduction to solve crimes, like Sherlock Holmes, but unlike Sherlock he’s good with people and conversation. He tries to avoid biases and emotion when discovering the truth, but he also understands that what you do with that truth is a complicated ethical question. Benoit delights in the unexpected, and doesn’t discount anyone as unimportant, no matter how unimportant they seem.


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