Character Recommendations Based on Winnie Cooper

Allie Hamilton The Notebook

Prim and proper Allie was raised to follow the rules. But she's got a fiery rebellious side too

Cory Matthews Boy Meets World

Equal parts funny and neurotic, Cory's biggest strength is his warm, generous spirit

Topanga Lawrence Boy Meets World

Topanga's been a put-together intellectual since basically the moment she could talk

Kira Yukimura Teen Wolf

Introverted Kira is sweet, bubbly, and eager to make friends

Brittany Pierce Glee

This childlike space cadet has a surprisingly open-minded spirit

D.J. Tanner Full House

Rebellious teen who wishes her lame dad would butt out of her personal life

Ned Pushing Daisies

Kind, warm, and gifted with an all-powerful touch

Wendy Darling Peter Pan

Loves storytelling and flying

Aladdin Aladdin

Street-thief on his way up – way, way up

Claire Temple Daredevil

Dedicated nurse providing secret care to New York's vigilantes