Chuck Bartowski

Chuck Bartowski

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… nerdy and independent. Chuck’s mother left home for unknown reasons when he was nine, and his father was never around much. Luckily, Chuck still had a strong support network through his best friend Morgan and his sister Ellie Bartowski.

Living… in Burbank, California with Morgan, just across the courtyard from his sister and her live-in boyfriend. It’s almost like he never left home.

Profession… supervisor of the Nerd Herd at the Buy More electronics store in Burbank when he inadvertently has the entire contents of a CIA/NSA supercomputer downloaded into his brain. Now he’s thrust into the adventurous world of international espionage as a CIA agent. He couldn’t be further from the Herd.

Interests… electronics, video games, and kicking it with Morgan. But as much as Chuck would love to play “Zork” on his PC, he’s got his hands full running black ops missions and trying to figure out his relationship with the beautiful CIA handler, Sarah Walker.

Relationship status… single? Chuck wishes he knew. His new CIA handler Sarah Walker pretends to be his girlfriend as a cover, but their relationship exists in name only. Chuck wants things to grow into something real, but Sarah knows that it’s highly unprofessional to get romantically involved with someone she’s protecting, even if there is something alluring about Chuck.

Challenge… adjusting to life as a CIA/NSA asset who is uniquely ill-suited to the world of spies and lies. He’s an underachieving nerd who abhors violence, trusts people, and lacks confidence, so it remains to be seen whether Chuck can keep the world safe from terrorists and rogue agents. And if that wasn’t enough, Chuck also has to keep his new life a secret from his best friend, sister, and coworkers. That’s hard to do when he’s constantly being called away on matters of national security.

Personality… loyal, sensitive, and kind. Chuck is a good person. He goes out of his way to help others, has a sense of honor, and gives other people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, this abundance of admirable traits makes him a terrible fit for the spy world. But just because he can’t lie and scheme doesn’t mean that Chuck is useless. He’s extremely intelligent and able to summon deep reserves of courage and resourcefulness when the situation calls for it.


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