Finn Hudson

Finn Hudson

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Lima, Ohio, with his mother, Carole. His father died while serving in Iraq as a US Marine when Finn was very young. Despite this, his childhood was very happy. Growing up, Finn was always very popular – with inherent natural athletic abilities, a kind-natured personality, and good looks. Although he has the respect of everyone in school, all Finn truly strives for is to make his mother happy and proud of him. 

Living… in his mother’s home on 415 Whitman Ave. (It's the same address as fellow glee club member Kurt, because Kurt's dad is married to Finn's mom.) His bedroom is an eclectic collection of posters of rock stars and famous athletes, trophies, and framed photographs. Finn’s room reflects who is truly is at heart: the All-American Boy-Next-Door.

Profession… high school student at William McKinley High School. As the quarterback of the football team, Finn is the most popular boy in the school, loved and adored by everyone. Finn hesitated joining the glee club, worried about what his fellow football players would say. Ultimately, he decided that his passion for singing and playing football were not mutually exclusive, and was willing to endure some alienation.

Interests… football, popularity, girls, singing, and drumming. Finn discovered his talent for singing when his mom’s boyfriend, who was a lawn specialist, told him he had a nice voice and taught him how to sing and play the drums. In addition to singing, Finn has played nearly every sport.

Relationship Status… dating the head cheerleader Quinn Fabray. Due to her parents' strict religious nature, he and Quinn haven’t experimented sexually. Though Finn very much wants to, he respects her boundaries and ultimately cares for her a lot. But there does seem to be sparks between him and Rachel Berry, the glee club’s self-proclaimed star.

Challenge… balancing his football career with his passion for singing. Equally talented at both singing and playing football, Finn feels very conflicted about choosing one over the other, which he has to do in several cases. His friends in both groups also put a lot of pressure on him. When his football bros bully the glee club kids, Finn is expected to defend them while simultaneously not offending his teammates. 

Personality… kind, loyal, trusting, and possessing a heart of gold. Though he sometimes joins in (or at least doesn’t stop) his jock friends’ bullying ways, Finn is ultimately very gentle and sensitive. Unlike most of those friends, he has serious aspirations for his future and refuses to partake in activities that would screw up the rest of his life. Though it is difficult, he tries to remain as loyal to both of his groups of friends as he can, often siding with the glee club kids. Finn really does try to do the right thing, even if it doesn’t always work out.


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