Character Recommendations Based on Winn Schott

Cisco Ramon The Flash

A proud, enthusiastic member of a superhero support team

Harrison Wells The Flash

A brilliant scientist who is full of secrets

Felicity Smoak Arrow

Ambitious master hacker who's a do-gooder at heart

Belle Once Upon a Time

An adventurous, intelligent fairy tale maiden who strives to see the best in everyone

Mary Margaret Blanchard Once Upon a Time

This meek schoolteacher can't remember her past as a spirited, swashbuckling Snow White

Blaine Anderson Glee

A put-together prep school boy with the voice of an angel

Quicksilver Marvel's The Avengers

Cocky speedster who could run around the world in the time it's taking you to read this

Hanna Marin Pretty Little Liars

A determined girl defined by her ability to transform herself

Inigo Montoya The Princess Bride

A master fencer who's working as a mercenary to pay the bills

Aria Montgomery Pretty Little Liars

Beautiful and artistic, Aria follows her own path