Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Starling City, a major metropolis plagued by more crime and corruption each day.

Profession... IT specialist at Queen Consolidated by day, and a member of Arrow’s vigilante team by night. A graduate of MIT, Felicity is an expert in all things tech. That includes hacking, which is a skill Arrow often takes advantage of in their work as vigilantes. If he needs intel while out in the field, she’ll find it by any means necessary.

Interests… hacktivism, justice, and red wine.

Relationship Status... pining for Arrow, aka Oliver Queen. They’ve been through a lot together and developed a strong mutual trust through their work as vigilantes. Unfortunately for Felicity, he’s trying to rekindle a romance with his old girlfriend Laurel Lance.

Challenge... preventing The Glades from being destroyed. Felicity works alongside Arrow and their partner John Diggle to stop the city’s wealthy and powerful from obliterating Starling City’s poorest neighborhood. Arrow may come from a wealthy family, but after his return to civilization, he’s devoted himself to justice. Felicity is right by his side.

Personality... brilliant, kind, and nervous. She becomes tongue-tied when flirting, but when people are in danger, there’s no one smoother than Felicity. Oliver came back to Starling City a man hell-bent on making a change, and Felicity clicked with his focus and determination. As a young girl she wanted to prove to her mother she’d make a difference in the world and now she has stumbled into the opportunity of a lifetime.


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