Iris West

Iris West

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with her loving single dad and her best friend Barry Allen. Barry joined the West family 14 years ago, after his father was imprisoned for the murder of his mother. As Iris explains it, “Even though we pretty much grew up in the same house and we're kind of brother and sister, we're not really brother and sister, so it can get really weird and awkward.”

Living... at home with her dad in Central City. Iris loves spending time with her father, but sooner or later she’ll have to grow up and move into her own place.  

Profession... barista and blogger. Iris is happy slinging coffee at CC Java while she finishes up her Master’s degree. But with graduation on the horizon, she wants a job that will put her writing skills to good use. So she starts a blog to keep track of firsthand accounts about Central City’s mysterious new superhero, whom she dubs “The Streak.”

Interests... journalism, stress eating, and hanging out with her best friend Barry.

Relationship Status... secretly dating her father’s partner, Eddie Thawne. Though she at first dismissed him as “Detective Pretty Boy,” Iris eventually fell for Eddie. But since he works so closely with her dad, they’ve decided to keep their relationship a secret.

Challenge... proving The Flash exists. Like many recent grads, Iris doesn’t have a specific direction in life. But after taking a class in journalism, she becomes more interested in uncovering mysteries. And the biggest mystery in Central City is its brand new superhero The Flash. While the mainstream media ignores his existence, Iris meticulously documents his appearances on her blog and even begins to get up close and personal with the hero.

Personality... caring, curious, and bold. Unlike her nerdy foster brother Barry, Iris is confident and vivacious. She’s smart, but more interested in human nature and current events than in science. She has good instincts for piecing together puzzles and isn’t afraid to take risks to get to the bottom of a mystery. Thanks to training from her detective father, Iris is tough and self-reliant. But she also has a compassionate heart that drives her to help people in anyway she can.


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