Caitlin Snow

Caitlin Snow

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... sorrowfully, in Central City. A year ago Caitlin was working her dream job at S.T.A.R. Labs with her fiancé by her side. But the massive explosion of S.T.A.R. Lab’s powerful particle accelerator changed all that. Now Caitlin is trying to piece her life back together bit by bit.

Profession... bio-engineer and member of a superhero support team. Along with Harrison Wells and Cisco Ramon, Caitlin works with The Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen—a forensic assistant-turned-speedy-superhero. Caitlin uses her genius-level intellect to manage all things biological, including investigating superpowered “metahumans” and providing medical care for Team Flash.

Interests... science, science, and science. Caitlin is often accused of “not having a life” because of her dedication to her field.  

Relationship Status... newly single. Caitlin’s fiancé Ronnie Raymond sacrificed himself to help minimize the particle accelerator explosion. Now she must learn to live without the one person who could always make her laugh. 

Challenge... moving past her grief. As Caitlin puts it, “My once promising career in bioengineering is over, my boss is in a wheelchair for life, the explosion that put you in a coma also killed my fiancé. So this blank expression kind of feels like the way to go.” Though she’s usually quite independent, Caitlin slowly begins to learn that she must rely on her friends to help her get through tough times.

Personality... scientific and single-minded, but also empathetic. The first thing on Caitlin’s mind is usually science, and she’s the kind of woman who keeps a blood collection kit in her purse. So long as she has proof, Caitlin he has no problem believing in the fantastical, but she tends to be skeptical about things that can’t be quantified or explained. Her bedside manor can be a bit cold, but it’s not because she doesn’t care. In fact, beneath her intense exterior lies a warm heart. Ultimately, Caitlin just wants to use her scientific expertise to help people.


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