David Nolan

David Nolan

    Once Upon a Time
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as a poor peasant on a farm in the Enchanted Forest. His identical twin brother, James, was adopted by King George and raised as royalty. Following Prince James’ death, David agrees to take his place as royalty. His true love, Snow White, later gave him a nickname that stuck, which is how he became known as Prince Charming.

Living… in Storybrooke, Maine, where he was in a coma (and only known as John Doe) until his wife, Kathryn, identifies him in the hospital. At first, he doesn’t recall their life together at all.

Visiting… nowhere, because the Evil Queen’s curse keeps him from leaving Storybrooke.

Profession… working at the local animal shelter, where Mary Margaret sometimes visits him. 

Interests… sword-fighting and Mary Margaret. David plans his entire schedule around when he thinks he’ll be able to run into the woman he’s in love with, who unfortunately isn’t his wife. But what David doesn’t yet know is that Mary Margaret is really Snow White and he’s Prince Charming, so they are in fact meant to be together – if only the curse can be broken.

Relationship Status… in a loveless marriage with Kathryn. He falls hard for Mary Margaret, but struggles with the thought of betraying his wife.   

Challenge… remembering his old life. After waking up from his coma, David is stuck between fixing the life he feels he should remember with Kathryn, and embracing the life he envisions with Mary Margaret.

Personality… honorable, courageous, and a good leader. He is often the one given the task of boosting town morale in the face of evil, and he is always intent on doing the right thing. He is more realistic than his true love, Mary Margaret/Snow White, but he still believes in the power of true love and that good will triumph over evil. 


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