Character Recommendations Based on Frank Reynolds

Meredith Grey Grey's Anatomy

Fun and feisty on the outside, dark and twisty on the inside

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead

The quiet, intense Daryl lets his crossbow do the talking

Beatrice "Tris" Prior Divergent

Fearless in pursuit of the truth

Juno MacGuff Juno

She's hoping sarcasm will get her through the stress of teenage life. And also, teenage pregnancy

Legolas Greenleaf The Lord of the Rings

His elfin self-confidence can border on pretension, but he's a fearsome fighter and a loyal friend

Regina Mills Once Upon a Time

A cold evil queen turned chilly town mayor

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Modern Family

Her big personality is rivaled only by her big heart. Wait, did we mention she's gorgeous?

Margo Paper Towns

Margo loves mysteries so much, she becomes one

Yoda Star Wars Series

Intelligent, inscrutable old Jedi master, he is

Gru Despicable Me

This moon-obsessed supervillain lives to cause trouble both big and small