Frank Reynolds

Frank Reynolds

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a very small studio apartment in Philadelphia, shared with his much younger friend Charlie. He is rarely seen here though, as it is extremely unkempt and only large enough for the two men to share one pullout couch for sleeping.

Profession... owner of Paddy's Pub, a dive bar in Philadelphia that he shares with Charlie; his children, Dennis and Dee; and their friend; Mac. Frank used to be a successful businessman, largely through illicit dealings such as running a sweatshop in Vietnam, but now mostly focuses on the bar and various other minor schemes developed by the group of five friends known as "The Gang.” He appears to be fairly well-off financially due to his past business endeavors, but opts to live in relative squalor like the rest of The Gang.

Interests... gambling. It’s the most prominent of Frank’s many addictions. Whether it’s playing cards or betting on whether or not he’s right in an argument, Frank will put his money where his mouth is. The greater the risk, the more exhilarating the bet, such as when he excitedly searches for a knife during a card game, yelling, “These guys are maniacs! They want to start betting fingers!"

Relationship Status... divorced. By all accounts he was a relatively upstanding husband and father, but after his separation from his "money-grubbing" wife Barbara –Dennis and Dee’s mother –Frank decided to set himself free of all social norms. He has had various romantic flings since the end of his marriage, but nothing very consistent, likely due to his harsh opinion of women. To wit: "A woman in politics is like a donkey doing calculus."

Challenge... boredom. It’s frankly hard to explain what Frank is doing spending all his time with his two kids – who it turns out aren’t his biological children after all – and their dopey friends. Frank’s long career in seedy (and often illegal) businesses has left him with enough money to be comfortable. Yet he seems to enjoy screwing around with The Gang’s small-time scams. If he’s not doing it because he’s bored and wants to recapture his youth, what plausible reason could he have?

Personality... a loose cannon. Frank is a low-morals man-child with a shady past going through a midlife crisis. He is very hard to pin down. Sometimes he acts fatherly and shows affection to his children and their friends, and other times he is abusive and exploitative. Frank knows how to plan a good con, though, and often takes the lead role in planning their hustles, proving he is a “valuable” member of The Gang.


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