Axis Powers Hetalia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... the land of romance, a center of haute couture, and the nation of éclairs and macarons. France may be all these things and more, but to the other Allied Powers, his ability to make a soufflé doesn't mean a damn if he can't fight. And despite a long and glorious military history (his words, not his allies'), France hasn't been doing well on the battlefield lately. Still, sometime it's hard to blame him – how would you do if you were stuck working with a group of uncouth nations?

Personality... charming and fashionable, andromantic to boot. With his perfectly combed hair and flashy military outfits, France can charm the pants off of any and everyone – well, everyone except his fellow nations, it seems. The other Allied nations may mutter lies about his military abilities, but he takes it mostly in stride. After all, it's hard to angry when he's so much better-dressed than everyone else.


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