Code Geass

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with many, many secrets. C.C. keeps her past to herself, not even revealing her real name to others and instead going by what are assumed to be her initials. Even more mysterious than her past, though, are C.C.'s powers, most notably her inability to die.

Visiting... the Lamperouge household, where she lives with ambitious high school student Lelouch. (Though his real name is Lelouch vi Britannia.) After he accidentally saves her from the Britannian Empire, C.C. grants Lelouch the power of Geass, which gives him the ability to command others. Currently, he's using the power to fight the Britannian Empire, and C.C.'s curious to see how he does.

Profession... Lelouch's “accomplice," though her loyalty to his cause is questionable. Most of the time, C.C. spends her energy hiding from the forces of the Britannian Empire that are after her, but she will also show up on the front lines to save Lelouch from otherwise certain death.

Interests... pizza. C.C.’s hunger for pizza is likely as hard to kill as she is, and she will even break cover to satisfy her hunger, much to Lelouch’s annoyance. C.C. also takes an interest in Lelouch’s fight against Britannia, but more as a means than as an end.

Relationship Status... single, though everyone else thinks otherwise. Since she lives with Lelouch, it's natural that others would assume things, and C.C. only encourages these misconceptions. Being Lelouch's supposed lover makes a convenient cover story, though it might someday be more than that – after all, C.C. does find Lelouch “fascinating.”

Challenge... making sure Lelouch is alive to fulfill their deal. In exchange for the power of Geass, Lelouch has promised to make C.C.'s “one wish” come true. While she won’t tell him what that wish is, it's clear that Lelouch needs to stay alive to fulfill his side of their contract. It's a difficult task when Lelouch is trying to destroy the most powerful empire in the world, but C.C.'s powers means Lelouch has a greater chance of surviving than most.

Personality... enigmatic and distant, but also quite curious. As Lelouch puts it, “for somebody who won’t answer questions” C.C. “sure ask[s] a lot of them.” It is possible that C.C is also quite lonely, as she has practically no home or family to speak of. But if she is, it's not an emotion she lets others know about.


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