Character Recommendations Based on Owen Hunt

Darth Vader Star Wars Series

A seemingly heartless master of the Force's dark side with a badass cape

Ariel The Little Mermaid

For a mermaid, it's humans that are the strange ones

Loki Thor / The Avengers

Fiendish prince of inter-dimensional mischief

Finn Star Wars Series

The only stormtrooper willing to listen to his conscience

The Joker The Dark Knight

You wanna know how this psychotic got his scars? Knowing him, it's a terrifying story

Aang Avatar: The Last Airbender

He has the destiny of a wise monk and the attitude of a fun-loving schoolboy

Yoda Star Wars Series

Intelligent, inscrutable old Jedi master, he is

Jack Dawson Titanic

Jack is living for adventure and sailing for a better future

Elsa Frozen

This ice queen needs to learn to let it go

Flynn Rider Tangled

So charismatic, you might not mind when he steals from you