Amy Pond

Amy Pond

    Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... lonely, on Earth in the 21st century. Despite living in England with her aunt for most of her life, Amy stubbornly refuses to lose her Scottish accent. It’s the one connection she has with her long-lost parents.

Living... without any particular direction in life in the boring, sleepy town of Leadworth, England.

Visiting... all of time and space. After being whisked away by an alien called the Doctor in his TARDIS time machine, Amy is able to visit everywhere from ancient Venice to a space station in the distant future. Life with the Doctor is like something out of a fairy tale – he’s Peter Pan and she’s Wendy Darling.

Profession... occasional “Kissogram.” Amy dresses up in cute outfits to deliver messages and a kiss. It’s probably not a long-term profession, but it’s something to jazz up her otherwise mundane life. Once she gets an invitation onto the TARDIS, however, Amy throws herself into the life of a full-time time traveler.

Interests... the Roman military, powerful women in history, and her “Raggedy Man.” Amy loves learning about attractive men and powerful women in history, and she spent a lot of her childhood researching the Roman occupation of Britain. But Amy’s biggest childhood obsession was the Doctor, whom she first met when she was a little girl called Amelia. Her family assumed she was telling stories about an imaginary friend, and young Amelia spent years creating stories, dolls, and comics about the “Raggedy Doctor” whom only she believed in. Of course, she has had the last laugh.

Relationship Status... engaged to Rory Williams. Amy’s known Rory since childhood, but she’s also “the girl who waited” 14 years for the Doctor to return. Perhaps that explains why she runs away with the Doctor the night before her wedding.

Challenge... growing up. Though Amy may now be an adult, at least technically, she would much rather run away from her problems than face them. But while she at first uses the Doctor and his TARDIS as a way to escape her boring life and fulfill her childhood dreams, she slowly learns that traveling with the Doctor comes with its own set of responsibilities – like regularly saving the world.

Personality... fiery, brave, adventurous, and confident. In other words: Nobody puts Amy Pond in the corner, and she’s happy to tell them so herself. Amy leaps first and looks later. She once bragged, “I never could resist a ‘Keep Out’ sign.” Her bold love of adventure makes her an ideal time-traveling companion, although she sometimes puts on a brave face to hide her vulnerabilities.


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