Xena Warrior Princess
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Amphipolis, a rather large village in ancient Thrace. Raised by her mother Cyrene and abandoned at a young age by her father Atrius, Xena lived a routine life until the age of seventeen when Amphipolis was raided by an opposing warlord. Xena and her younger brother Lyceus gathered an army against the attackers, resulting in the death of Lyceus and many others. Ostracized from her village, Xena became a powerful warlord and gave in to her dark side, fighting for bloodlust while terrorizing nearby regions. 

Living... with a purpose. Xena’s on a redemptive quest to escape her violent past of pillaging and marauding. She walks the difficult path of helping others by using her fierce fighting skills for the ultimate good.

Profession... former “Destroyer of Bations.” She now serves as a noble defender protecting against ruthless warlords and evil gods in the ancient mythological world. When it comes to mortally wounding an enemy, her merciless tagline is “I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain.”

Interests... inventing.History recalls that Xena invented both the kite and bungee jumping. But whenever she’s not participating in extreme sports, or using her whip to block axes in mid-air, she loves to unwind with a meditation session.

Relationship Status… single with an impressive dating history. After all, she dated Hercules and Julius Caesar. She is attractive and knows it. Unfortunately, both her father and her first love abandoned her, leaving her mistrustful of men. Xena is bisexual, and feels that her most meaningful relationships have been with women.

Challenge... moving away from her destructive past. Xena often questions her more recent transformation into a hero, and frequently feels a desire to kill for the sake of evil. Is her lust for blood deeper than her passion to help others?

Personality... tough, problem-solving, and capable. Her remarkable prowess and creativity with hand-to-hand combat make her the toughest of the tough. With her wits and ability to effectively lead troops, build defense fortifications, and display acrobatic maneuvers, Xena can effortlessly take down powerful enemies by the dozens. She says, “I like to be creative in a fight. It gets my juices going.”


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