Hugh Glass

Hugh Glass

    The Revenant
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the American wilderness. His life is steeped in legend. He is a man who has lived among Native Americans, among animals in the forest, and among fur traders on the frontier.

Living… on the run. At the end of a fur trapping expedition, led by Captain Andrew Henry, Native Americans attacked their party and killed most of their men. Now the survivors have abandoned their boat at Glass’s advice, and they are taking their chances in the deep forests. But the forests may be more dangerous than the rivers.

Profession… frontiersman. Glass is the kind of rugged mountain man who receives countless requests from expeditions, with explorers desperate for his experience and knowledge of these lands. Their profession is a dangerous one, and Glass knows the smell of death all too well.

Interests… fur trapping, cleaning his rifle, Native American culture and language, and escaping the throes of death.

Relationship Status… widowed. Glass loved a Native American woman, who bore his child, Hawk. Hawk still accompanies Glass on all of his expeditions – including the deadly one they are facing now.

Challenge… surviving this expedition. Glass is up against the biggest challenge of his life. Not only are the local Native American tribes attacking their party, but Glass is also at the mercy of the wilderness, which contains more deadly forces than anyone can imagine. Glass also battles with his rival John Fitzgerald, who is also part of Captain Henry’s expedition.

Personality… wise, cultured, and quiet. Glass only speaks when he must. He spends most of his time listening – not only to the words of fellow humans, but also to the sounds of nature around him. He learns more from nature than he does from people, and his relationship with the natural world is unbreakable.


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