Owen Hunt
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Owen Hunt

Grey's Anatomy

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About Him

Grew Up... with his loving parents in Seattle. Hunt studied to be a trauma surgeon and after 9/11 he decided to enroll in the army as a field medic.

Living... in Seattle, Washington where he returned after being honorably discharged from his tour in Iraq. 

Profession... Head of Trauma at Seattle Grace, a position he’s uniquely qualified for given his extensive experience with combat medicine.

Interests... blowing off steam in front of a giant fan in the hospital’s vent room and mentoring other doctors.

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. Owen immediately bonded with Cristina Yang when he found himself at Seattle Grace Hospital for one night between tours. But when he takes a full-time job at Seattle Grace a few months later, Owen is a changed man. He doesn’t know if he can reconnect to the more emotionally stable person he used to be “before” now that he’s living in the “after.”

Challenge... coping with his PTSD. Owen saw many horrors during his time in the Iraq War. But most traumatically, he was the sole survivor of an RPG ambush that left all 19 other members of his platoon dead. Because of that, Owen struggles with flashbacks and occasional violent outbursts. He can’t even tell his mother he’s been discharged, explaining, “The reason why I haven't told my mother I'm back is because part of me is still over there. I made a commitment to the army that I wasn't able to fulfill. If my unit hadn't been destroyed. I would still be there.”

Personality... assertive, instinctual, level-headed, and quick-on-his feet. Owen makes an ideal trauma surgeon because he can stay calm under pressure, give clear commands to those around him, and think outside the box. He’s somewhat old-fashioned in his personal life, particularly when it comes to things like honor, duty, family, and love. Owen tends to see things in black and white although he has very little ego about admitting when he’s wrong.

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