Character Recommendations Based on Lana Kane

Sadness Inside Out

She's mostly doom and gloom, but you’d get nowhere without her

James T. Kirk Star Trek

He's more than ready to face the final frontier

Buttercup The Princess Bride

She's a farm girl turned princess who'd do anything to have her old life back

Dexter Morgan Dexter

He's got a strict moral code, for a serial killer

Haruka Nanase Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

This talented swimmer might have the grace of a dolphin, but his social skills are more on the level of a barnacle

Severus Snape Harry Potter Series

A misanthropic potions teacher with a vindictive streak, Snape's true motivations are murky

Teddy Sanders Neighbors

Loves his frat brothers so much he might never leave school

Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad

Academics weren't his strong suit. Luckily, his street smarts are a cut above the rest

Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games

An inadvertent revolutionary with a prickly personality and an innate desire to help people

Hannah Baker Thirteen Reasons Why

A buoyant spirit broken by the cruelties of high school