Kiki's Delivery Service

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with her loving parents and her talking cat, Jiji. As the daughter of the town witch, Kiki has inherited her mother's talent and is eager to follow in her footsteps.

Visiting... Koriko, a city by the ocean where she moves after turning 13. Because part of a witch's training requires a year away from home, Kiki flies there alone with Jiji. Although initially unsure of her place, Kiki soon finds a friendly baker willing to take her in.

Profession... delivering packages on her flying broomstick. Although Kiki starts out delivering packages for the bakery where she lives, her delivery service quickly expands as Kiki proves herself.

Interests... flying, helping others, and (hopefully!) making friends. Her delivery service is taking off, but Kiki still has plenty of free time to explore her new town and practice her magic.

Relationship Status... single. There's that nerdy Tombo boy who keeps on following her, but it's yet to be determined whether he's there because he likes Kiki or her flying broomstick.

Challenge... mastering magic and finding a place in her new city. Since her new job depends on her magic, Kiki is worried that her skills might not be up to par. As Kiki tells Jiji, "If I lose my magic, that means I've lost absolutely everything." Her inexperience aside, the townspeople quickly warm to the young girl delivering her packages. However, Kiki's peers will be a little harder to win over.

Personality... cheerful and helpful, but insecure. Despite her natural magical talent, Kiki still has a lot to learn about both about magic and adulthood. In many ways, she's your average 13-year-old girl: a little inexperienced, a little oversensitive, and a little unsure of herself, but with a good heart and a strong willingness to prove herself.


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