The Lord of the Rings
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn, and brother of Eomer. After her parents died tragically, she was taken in by King Theoden of Rohan, her uncle. He raised her as royalty.

Living… in Rohan, during the War of the Ring – the greatest battle to ever befall Middle Earth. Eowyn is eager to take up arms against the orcs of Mordor and defend her people. But every time she asks to fight with King Theoden or Aragorn, the heir of Gondor, she is told to stay back and wait while they battle on her behalf because she is a woman. Tired of waiting behind, Eowyn takes to the battlefield, disguised as a man, and proves herself a true warrior.

Profession… White Lady of Rohan. Known for her maidenhood and beauty, Eowyn also prides herself on her ability to wield a blade. She is not the kind of woman who will sit back while others fight, despite – or perhaps because of – her royal heritage.

Interests… fighting among the great warriors, heroism, history, and family.

Relationship Status… single. She is a lady of merit and doesn’t court suitors. However, when she meets another wounded warrior, Faramir – the younger brother of the noble but tragic Boromir – she quickly falls in love.

Challenge… fighting against Mordor without restraint from her allies. Eowyn desperately wants to take her destiny into her own hands. Per the customs of the time, the only way to achieve this is to hide her identity as a woman, tie back her hair, and cover her body in armor. She already possesses battlefield skills and bravery in abundance.

Personality… fierce, bold, and soulful. Described as “fearless” in spite of being a woman by the great Hama, one of King Theoden’s right-hand men, Eowyn shows the men of her era that women are capable of much more than they know. Honor, pride, and strength drive her to great heights. She takes a back seat to no man.


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