Warm Bodies
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… before the apocalypse happened. But his aging stopped rather abruptly when he was zombified.

Living… as a zombie. He ekes out his existence in an abandoned airport, with his best friend M and several hundred other undead. He has an airplane all to himself for his home – pretty sweet digs, if you don’t mind the dozens of zombies stumbling around on the tarmac.

Profession… unemployed, as members of the undead generally don’t make good job candidates. Also, it’s hard to get a job when everyone around you is equally zombified; nobody is in a position to hire anyone else.

Interests… listening to music and grunting. As a zombie living the zombie lifestyle, R’s social life is pretty limited. He does like listening to LP records on his abandoned airplane and talking in grunts with M. Other than that, the only time he really gets out into the city is to consume the flesh of the living.

Relationship Status… single, although he’s recently met a really nice, really alive girl named Julie. Too bad he met her while eating her boyfriend, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

Challenge… getting close to Julie. Human/zombie romance may be unprecedented, but R hasn’t had anything much to do or anyone to talk to since he died, so he’s pretty motivated. R will have to overcome the (justified) terror humans have of zombies if he wants to make human connections once again. But spending time with Julie just might be starting to change him in unexpected ways…

Personality… surprisingly sweet for a zombie. At least he isn’t a Boney, the fleshless zombies who have lost all sentience and just go after anything that moves. Once you get past the whole “eating people” thing – and R is trying his best – he’s thoughtful, introspective, and just wants to have real connections with people again. 


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