Character Recommendations Based on Xander Cage

Cyclops X-Men Series

His eyes miraculously shoot powerful beams of energy

Billy Batson / Shazam Shazam

A troublemaking teen with a superheroic side

Danny Zuko Grease

A high school bad boy who's not quite as bad as he seems

Jesse Swanson Pitch Perfect

This charming acapella performer perfectly blends being nerdy with being cool

Franklin "Mouse" Finbar Jumanji

Jock paying the price for his mistake

Allie Hamilton The Notebook

Prim and proper Allie was raised to follow the rules. But she's got a fiery rebellious side too

Troy Bolton High School Musical

Troy's a triple threat: singing, dancing, and basketball

John Wick John Wick

Killing over 124 people with gunshots alone

Aldo Raine Inglourious Basterds

Despite his friendly demeanor, he's one of the most fearsome soldiers in the army

Anger Inside Out

A cantankerous hothead whose job is to get others riled up