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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a ruthless thief. Born Digger Harkness, this Australian criminal goes by the name “Captain Boomerang” because he uses a collection of souped-up boomerangs to complete his robberies. Eventually caught by The Flash and sent to prison, Boomerang is recruited by intelligence operative Amanda Waller for her secret Task Force X—a “suicide squad” of villains who can take down super-powered threatsBut Boomerang isn’t exactly a willing hero. Like all of the members of Task Force X, he has an explosive device embedded in his neck that will detonate if he misbehaves.  

Personality... juvenile and unhinged. Boomerang is a criminal with no moral code. He’ll recruit fellow burglars to help him rob a bank and then kill them so he can keep all the loot. He’s a loner who’s happiest when he’s drinking, flirting, or fighting. But above all he loves his beloved stuffed pink unicorn Pinky, which he keeps with him at all times. 


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