Character Recommendations Based on Nausicaa

Rinoa Heartilly Final Fantasy Series

Kind, friendly, and a little naïve, Rinoa is nonetheless an effective freedom fighter

Asuka Langley Soryu Neon Genesis Evangelion

This teenage ace pilot is confident, haughty, and a little less grown-up than she pretends to be

Kenzo Tenma Monster (TV Show)

Gifted brain surgeon who's all heart

Amaterasu Okami

This celestial caretaker is the stuff of legends

Ichigo Momomiya Tokyo Mew Mew

Bubbly student by day, magical cat-powered superhero by night

Marv Sin City

A brutish but principled thug who'd be right at home on an ancient battlefield

Angel Angel Beats!

Impassive, overly literal, and a little short on people skills, Angel dedicates her life to enforcing the rules

Red Transistor

Red doesn't like to explain herself. She wants her work to do the talking

Shana Shakugan no Shana

A red-haired warrior with a black-and-white worldview

Alucard Castlevania

It turns out Dracula's son has some pretty severe daddy issues