Angel Beats!

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a high school in the afterlife. Physical harm and even death is meaningless to the humans who inhabit this school, as they are already dead, but those who follow the school rules and try to live a normal life in the afterlife are “obliterated,” vanishing completely. For an unknown reason, however, this does not seem to apply to Angel, who lives the life of a model student yet continues to exist.

Profession... school body president, and supposed “Angel.” While Angel herself says “I’m not an Angel,” she is incredibly bad at introductions, to the point that she doesn’t tell people her actual name, and will even stab people who are simply confused and asking for proof that they are in the afterlife. This trouble communicating, along with the fact that as student body president she is trying to enforce the rules that cause humans to vanish, make her hated by the group known as the “Not Yet Dead Battlefront.” They view her as their mortal enemy, and have given her the probably false title of “Angel.” (They don’t yet know her real name.) 

Interests... music and eating mapo tofu, a very spicy dish. While Angel is not very good at expressing herself with words, the way she plays piano can truly touch one’s heart and soul. Angel also has a deep love of “the infamous mapo tofu,” the most painful, but also the most delicious, food available in the cafeteria of the afterlife.

Relationship Status... single. Seeing that she is hated by many, and not very good at expressing what she means or wants, it is likely that it will stay this way. Unless someone with a lot of patience notices that she seems “painfully lonesome.”

Challenge... getting all students to follow the school rules. And if she needs to develop amazing, seemingly super-natural powers to make the Battlefront submit to the same rules that everyone else does, then she will do so. It is unclear if her intent is malicious, if she just “obeys all the rules” no matter what their outcomes; or if she is in fact trying to help. But her harsh methods make her seem much more ominous than she probably is.

Personality... logical, overly literal and short on people skills, but perhaps misunderstood. Angel is described as one who is “emotionless, unsociable and doesn’t talk much,” and for the most part this is true. But Angel does have a heart, and she values gratitude more than anything in the world.


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