Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the tiny kingdom of the Valley of the Wind. Nausicaä’s father is the king, and as princess she grows up with a lot of responsibilities. There are only a few kingdoms that are inhabited by humans, and the rest have been taken over by the fearsome “Sea of Corruption,” a forest populated by giant insects and poisonous spores. And the forest continues to grow.

Living… in complicated times. Nausicaä’s father is ill, leaving her in charge of the kingdom. As if the Sea of Corruption wasn’t enough to worry about, nearby kingdoms are seething with unrest. There is talk of war, which due to old alliances Nausicaä must involve herself in.

Profession… princess. Nausicaä is a strong warrior, but is more distinguished by her scientific curiosity and love of life in all its forms. She has an unusual ability to communicate with the giant insects, and she explores using her skill with “windriding,” a kind of wind-glider navigation.

Interests… science and nature. Nausicaä is interested in the Sea of Corruption that so many fear, and conducts scientific experiments to learn more about the forest and its inhabitants.

Relationship Status… single. Her constant companion is Tetu, the fox-squirrel that she tamed.

Challenge… surviving the war between nearby kingdoms, and the growing Sea of Corruption. It may be that the strange jungle has a purpose other than mindless growth and endangering humans – and if there’s anyone who could find that out, it’s Nausicaä. But the forest is dangerous and its secrets are well-hidden. Will Nausicaä be able to lead humanity to safety?

Personality… empathetic, charismatic, and calm. Nausicaä is a natural leader, inspiring others with her cool-headedness and her strength. She is also passionately empathetic, embracing all forms of life, even those that might scare other humans. Although a reluctant warrior, she is willing to sacrifice herself for the well-being of others.


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