Princess Tutu

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a fairytale, and well aware of it. His best friend, after all, is the prince who shattered his heart to protect the town Fakir lives in – something that has made Fakir deeply protective of Mytho.

Living... at Gold Crown Academy, where he rooms with Mytho. Since Mytho is missing his heart, he's also missing crucial parts of himself – fear, sadness, or happiness are all alien to the emotionless prince. The only thing Mytho seems to have retained of his personality, in fact, seems to be an instinct to protect others. But since Mytho lacks a proper sense of caution to go along with his altruism, Fakir often ends up having to save his friend from himself.

Profession... ballet student, though most of his time, however, is devoted to protecting his roommate. But although Fakir might see himself as a self-appointed knight to the heartless prince, his methods for keeping Mytho safe can be rather...extreme. He might be rightfully worried for his friend, but it's hard to agree when Fakir tells Mytho, "you should just listen and do what I say."

Interests... ballet, fairytales, and swordplay. Although taking care of Mytho might be a full-time job, Fakir has many talents, some of which he doesn't even know. As a child, he used to love writing, but he's since given up his pen for a sharper sword.

Relationship Status... single. The girls might think Fakir has a "bad-boy appeal," but he's pretty indifferent towards romance of any type.

Challenge... protecting Mytho. Thanks to machinations by the author of The Prince and the Raven, a new heroine has arisen on Gold Crown: Princess Tutu, a ballerina determined to restore Mytho's heart. Fakir, however, fears that doing so would unleash the monstrous Raven the prince worked so hard to seal away, and he's distressed by the pain Mytho's new heart is bringing his friend. Though their goals are similar, Fakir vows to Tutu, "I have no intention of cooperating with you. I'll help Mytho in my own way, end of story."

Personality... abrasive, aloof, and often violently protective. Fakir might have his friend's interests at heart, but he tends to alienate people in his attempts to protect Mytho. Still, underneath his sarcastic exterior is a loyal friend – as Fakir learns more about his fairytale town, he is increasingly forced to confront his own role in the story unfolding around him.


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