Vash the Stampede

Vash the Stampede


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… not human, despite appearances. In the far, far future, scientists have created humanoid Plants to serve as power sources for distant planets. Along with his (evil) twin brother Knives, Vash is one of the few sentient Plants, and his inhuman nature gives him both great power and great trouble.

Living... on the run on the planet Gunsmoke. Due to a series of unfortunate events involving a gunfight and a city getting blown up, Vash now has a bounty of sixty billion dollars (yes, $60,000,000,000) on his head and every bounty hunter on Gunsmoke on his tail. Luckily, Vash is good at keeping his head down. But once people get even a whiff of his presence, then all hell is guaranteed to break out.

Profession… outlaw. It's hard to have a steady job when you're constantly running around Gunsmoke eluding capture. But Vash manages to save enough people on his journeys that he's never short of food or alcohol.

Interests… donuts, pretty women, and staying out of trouble. If Vash had his way, he'd live life as nothing more than "a hunter of peace." But due to the bounty on his head, a calm life, sadly, just isn't in the stars.  

Relationship Status… single. Vash's got a reputation as a lady-killer, but it's unsure how much of that is rumor and how much truth. What can’t be questioned is that constantly being on the move doesn't give him much time for romance – even if Vash does have a pair of pretty insurance agents following him around.  

Challenge… saving people from getting hurt, wherever he goes. He might prefer to avoid fights, but when innocent lives are at stake, Vash doesn't hesitate to show why he's called the Humanoid Typhoon. So far, Vash's sharp shooting and reflexes have carried him along. But with Knives still alive and as murderous as ever, Vash's skills might no longer be enough to keep those around him safe.

Personality… optimistic and goofy, but not nearly as carefree as he acts. Long ago, Vash "made a promise" to never "put out even one flame of life," and he's steadfastly held onto his pacifistic ideals ever since. Fun-loving and fond of loudly declaring that, "this world is made of Love and Peace," Vash might come off as an airhead, but as many would-be villains have painfully learned, it's not a wise to underestimate the Humanoid Typhoon. For all his idealism, Vash has seen a lot of tragedy, and he's hell-bent on preventing any more.


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