Character Recommendations Based on Rose O'Reilly

Barry Egan Punch Drunk Love

Has too many anger issues to list here

Stitch Lilo & Stich

Experiment 626 was designed for one thing: To destroy everything he touches

Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas

A nightmare-man with a soft heart and smooth voice

Woody Toy Story

Selfless leader of Andy's toys who likes change less than a snake in his boots

Pippin Took The Lord of the Rings

Point the fun-loving Pippin towards second breakfast and he's one happy hobbit

Dwight Schrute The Office

Annoying assistant to the regional manager who's all about beets, bears and Battlestar Galactica

Red Transistor

Red doesn't like to explain herself. She wants her work to do the talking

Anna Frozen

Not even a closed door will deter this eternal optimist

Edward Nygma Gotham

Edward is insanely good at his job. Emphasis on the "insane"

Alastar Mad-Eye Moody Harry Potter Series

A grizzled survivor and fearsome fighter who counsels "constant vigilance"