Harvey Dent / Two-Face

Harvey Dent / Two-Face

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Gotham. Harvey is the son of a Gotham police officer, and went into law himself, although as an attorney instead of a cop. Growing up in Gotham means that Harvey has no illusions. It’s a dark city, full of crimes and the people who commit them.

Profession…  district attorney. In fact, Harvey Dent is the youngest district attorney in Gotham history. He has an impressive track record and has won the city with his confidence and clean-cut image. Bruce Wayne has even offered to throw him a fundraiser, because he believes in Harvey’s work.

Interests… eradicating corruption and trying to help Gotham.

Relationship Status… dating Rachel Dawes, who happens to be a longtime friend of Bruce Wayne.

Challenge… surviving Gotham long enough to change it. Harvey has big plans for the city, but he is an awfully big target since he’s frequently in the public spotlight. His perfect image might work to his detriment, as dark minds abound in Gotham.

Personality… charming, brilliant, and dedicated. It’s hard not to like Harvey Dent. It seems like if anyone could clean up Gotham, it’d be him. But there are certain things in Harvey’s past that might leave him vulnerable to cracking, if the right pressure was applied.


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