Alex Russo

Alex Russo

    Wizards of Waverly Place
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… half-Italian, half-Mexican, and half-wizard. Alex and her two brothers go to school like any other kids, but at home they also receive wizard training from their dad.

Living… in Manahattan, above the sandwich shop that their family owns and operates. Jerry, her dad, does double duty as sandwich chef and magic teacher. Although he no longer has his powers, he can teach his kids. Her mother, Theresa, is mortal, and hates all the magic that surrounds her. Their house is never quiet!

Profession… student and wizard in training. Only one wizard from each family can keep their magic through adulthood, and the other siblings must become mortal. Alex plans to become the Family Wizard and keep her magic – after all, things are so much easier when you can just wave a wand.

Interests… scheming. Alex and her best friend Harper get into plenty of hijinks, and Alex has a reputation as a delinquent student. Despite not being allowed to reveal magic to mortals, plenty of Alex’s games involve magic, and while she’s not trying to hurt anyone, she sometimes gets herself and others into huge trouble. Parallel-dimension-level trouble.

Relationship Status… single. Jerry doesn’t approve of his daughter dating. Or kissing. Or looking at a guy for too long. Alex is cute and outgoing, so she doesn’t have a problem talking to guys, but her father looming over her is going to keep her relationship prospects dim for the time being.

Challenge… becoming the Family Wizard. Alex doesn’t like to study, or work too hard, but she would really like to keep her magic powers. Too bad her older brother is such a perfectionist – he stands a good chance of winning the competition.

Personality… sarcastic and lazy, but ultimately a good person. Because Alex has a natural aptitude for school and magic, she doesn’t put a lot of effort into things, preferring to think of ways to improve her life with magic. A natural performer, she loves to be at the center of attention. She’s also stubborn and argues a lot with her family. But she’s also generous and very loyal to her family and to Harper.


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