Captain Hook

Captain Hook

    Peter Pan
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in fear. Although Neverland – with its fairies, mermaids, and lost treasure – may seem like a perfect place for a pirate, Hook's despised the place ever since Peter Pan fed one of his arms to a crocodile. Though Hook was able to replace his arm with an iron hook, he now lives in fear of the crocodile that "has followed me ever since, from sea to sea and from land to land, licking its lips for the rest of me."

Profession... pirate captain. He’s good at it – if by good, you mean, "frightens his crew out of their wits." Before he got his own ship, Hook sailed with pirates like Blackbeard, and he's certainly taken after their viciousness.  

Interests... revenge, piracy, and looking good while doing it. Hook might be a bit of a dandy, but when it comes to avenging the loss of his arm, he's not afraid to get his hands (err, hand) dirty.

Relationship Status... single. Sirens may have tempted sailors for centuries, but Neverland's mermaids hold no appeal for a man terrified of the water and what lurks within it.

Challenge... defeating Peter Pan. Hook might be a grown man, but that doesn't stop him from declaring the eternally young boy his nemesis. While he would love to get his hand on the other Lost Boys, it's Peter that matters most to Hook: "I've waited long to shake his hand with this," he says, grimly looking at his hook. "Oh, I'll tear him!"

Personality... manipulative and cruel. Hook may kidnap children, plot to murder boys, and rule his crew with an iron hook, but it's hard to deny that he's got style. For all his cruelty, he's surprisingly cultured, with the looks of a perfect British gentleman and the manners to match – when he isn't angry, that is.


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