Andy Bernard

Andy Bernard

    The Office
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... privileged and wealthy. It wasn’t all great, though. He hated golf lessons. He had to content himself with hanging out at the sailing club instead.

Living… in Scranton, Pa. After graduating from Cornell and putting in stints with Enron, AIG, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers, Andy’s talents took him to Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and he’s been following the work ever since. Sure, corporate destruction has followed Andy at every step, but surely that’s just a nasty coincidence.

Profession… Regional Director in Charge of Sales at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton Branch. He’s a recent transfer from the Stamford branch, and his colleagues at Scranton have yet to be won over. Like his co-worker Dwight, he takes his job very seriously and is dedicated to the cause. He’s comfortable with this being his future.

Interests… golf, playing Call of Duty, and singing a cappella or with banjo accompaniment. At Cornell, Andy was part of the a cappella group “Here Comes Treble,” and his passion hasn’t wavered with the years. He will sing for his co-workers at any opportunity, with or without invitation.

Relationship Status… engaged to co-worker Angela, though historically very awkward with women. But when Andy decides on someone, he doesn’t give up. Angela repeatedly turned him down but he persisted, and eventually won her over with a cat he found outside the office. Now they’re engaged. But does Angela still harbor feelings for Dwight?

Challenge… not letting the office get the best of him. Dwight has seemed out to destroy him since his first day, and Jim has started making Andy the butt of pranks. Andy fears that the only way to solve this might be a duel. But more than a duel, he just wants acceptance. He wants to be liked, and he knows that he isn’t.

Personality… clueless and often obnoxious, but never malicious. Andy gives people unwanted nicknames, goes on about his Ivy League education, and is completely tone-deaf on issues of class and race – and yet he’s a nice guy at heart. There’s a genuine goodness in him. Even his obliviousness is genuine. He just doesn’t get it.


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