Character Recommendations Based on Tereza

Cosette Les Miserables

A sheltered young woman with big questions about her past

Elio Perlman Call Me by Your Name

An introverted teenager with an old soul

Fear Inside Out

A ball of nerves. A voice of caution

Dorothy Gale The Wizard of Oz

A down-home Kansas girl in a bizarre fantasy land

Rue Princess Tutu

An icy prima ballerina whose obsession with perfection obscures a hidden desire to be loved

Mal Reynolds Firefly

A rebel and a damn fine space captain

Juliet Capulet Romeo & Juliet

There's only one man for her, no matter what her family says

Brian Johnson The Breakfast Club

Brainy nerd who feels pressure to live up to expectations

Christine Daae The Phantom of the Opera

She's destined to take center stage, but at what cost?

Kathy Never Let Me Go

A natural caretaker who strives to find hope in even the darkest of times