Tara Maclay

Tara Maclay

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in an abusive household. Tara was close to her mother, but her father and brother were less loving, telling young Tara that she was part demon and had to be kept away from people for her own good.

Living… at Sunnydale University. Tara has been allowed to leave her family for a brief time to go to school, and so she’s enjoying her first year at university, living in a single and finally having some to herself.

Profession… student and witch. Tara goes to class and focuses on her studies, but her real efforts are put towards becoming a better witch. All the women in her family are talented with magic, and Tara is no different. Even if her skill is due to her demon blood, she wants to keep getting better.

Interests… magic. Tara has joined the Wicca group at Sunnydale, but unfortunately, they seem more focused on bake sales and “good vibes” than actual spells. She’s more than a little disappointed – but another member of the group, Willow, seems similarly let down. Could Tara have found someone better to hang out with?

Relationship Status… single. Tara is painfully shy, and it’s hard for her to form friendships, much less romances. But she is finding herself drawn to her new friend Willow – for the first time, there’s someone who seems to really care about her, really listen to her. Unfortunately, Tara isn’t sure Willow feels the same way.

Challenge… overcoming her shyness, and surviving Sunnydale. Tara is a witch, but that doesn't mean she was prepared for life in Sunnydale, which happens to be a haven for demons and monsters of every kind. Her magic gives her the capability to be a competent fighter against evil, but before that can happen, Tara will have to find a way to believe in herself.

Personality… shy and insecure, but sweet. Tara has difficulty expressing herself, but when she opens up, she has a hilariously weird sense of humor and is always willing to go to bat for her friends. Tara's always there to cheer on those she loves.


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