Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a secret princess. Though she was born a monarch, Aurora has no idea about her royal lineage. That’s because as a baby she was cursed by the evil fairy Maleficent and doomed to prick her finger and fall into a permanent sleep on her 16th birthday. To protect her, Aurora’s parents sent her to the woods to be raised by three bumbling pixies disguised as humans. Aurora thinks she’s just a normal young woman, although she has a sense that a mysterious figure has been watching out for her since childhood. Little does she know, however, that her guardian is also the woman who cursed her. As Aurora grows up, she begins to think of Maleficent as her fairy godmother, and that makes Maleficent’s plan to betray her just a little more complicated.

Personality... kind, soft-spoken, and brave. Though she has the normal insecurities of a 15-year-old, Aurora is both courageous and empathetic. She’s not afraid of Maleficent’s harsh appearance, and she’s incredibly forgiving of the pixie guardians who more often than not cause her extra trouble. Aurora has no idea she was born a princess, but she has all the qualities that will one day make her a great leader – assuming she doesn’t succumb to Maleficent’s curse.


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