Character Recommendations Based on Vincent Corleone

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow Iron Man / The Avengers

Her allegiances may shift, but her ruthless spy skills never let her down

Rey Star Wars Series

Strong, independent fighter who can save herself, thank you very much

Loki Thor / The Avengers

Fiendish prince of inter-dimensional mischief

John Watson Sherlock

Witty, practical, and loyal, John is recovering from wounds that are both physical and psychological

Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games

An inadvertent revolutionary with a prickly personality and an innate desire to help people

Phoebe Buffay Friends

Singer, masseuse, and free spirit

Peter Parker / Spiderman Spider-Man Series

With great power comes great responsibility, and Peter always seems to get the short end of that bargain

Princess Leia Star Wars Series

Sharp, fearless royalty who gets herself into trouble and fights her way out

Joey Tribbiani Friends

A friendly guy who loves women and sandwiches

Sheldon Cooper The Big Bang Theory

Brilliant in every way except, well, interacting with any human being