Jules Vaughn

Jules Vaughn


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in the suburbs, for a change. Jules isn’t used to this kind of town. She lived in the city with her parents before her mom went away. Her dad quit her job and moved them in order to secure a future for Jules. Now she’s finding herself entangled in the town’s web of beefs, dramas, and hook-ups.

Professional... a student, when she can make time for school. Really, Jules seems to exist in an endless vortex of drama. If she has any sort of vocation, it’s shoplifting. She started off at Sears, just stuffing a pair of shoes into her backpack. Soon, she has graduated to clothes and make-up. Lord knows what the future holds for her.

Interests... Hanging out with Rue and learning more about her. Jules is personally invested in Rue’s well-being and asks her flat-out to stop doing drugs if she wants to continue their friendship. Most of the time though, things aren’t so serious. Jules would do anything for her friends and likes to give them her absolute best. They have always been her haven away from the chaos of her inner life.

Challenge... finding peace. Jules has battled depression since she was seven. She’s fallen into some toxic relationships that have left some lasting emotional scars. Will she deal with her problems or continue to run away from them? She can’t get away from the toxic forces in her life. She falls into the same patterns. She has this attraction to people who are loathsome and do her wrong. She’s obsessed with Nate, or his persona, even after getting a glimpse of his abusive side. In order to grow, she’ll have to break out of the patterns that keep holding her back.

Relationship Status... complicated. Her best friend Rue fell in love with her shortly after they met. Unfortunately, Jules was already knee-deep with this guy Nate. Things came to a head when she and Rue kissed, but it just seemed to make things worse. Her relationship with Nate is even more inexplicable. They started seeing each other because Nate knocked her off her bike with his car. It only got more toxic from there. His intentions were awful from the beginning, but right when Jules started pulling away, he came back just in time to confuse her even further.

Personality... hungry for experience. In spite of her troubled background, she really has cultivated a sort of perspective and worldly wisdom. She has street smarts. She’s curious about the world out there and she’s not going to let anyone tell her who to be, how to be, or who to associate with. She needs to figure things out for herself -- almost to a fault.


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