Ramona Flowers

Ramona Flowers

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… as an American expatriate in Ontario, Canada. Ramona left the States after a breakup so bad she felt that she needed miles of distance to fully recover.

Profession… delivery girl for Amazon. Ramona possesses the ability to travel through “slipspace,” basically giving her the ability to teleport. Thanks to her ability to move outside the usual flow of time and space, Ramona is an excellent delivery girl.

Relationship status… dating Scott Pilgrim, although for their relationship to go anywhere Scott is going to have to deal with Ramona’s unusual baggage. See, Ramona’s never been any good at ending relationships gracefully, and as a result seven evil exes have formed a league to sabotage her future relationships.

Challenge… help Scott defeat her seven evil exes and leave her past behind her. Ramona has spent her whole life running from her problems – a habit she’ll finally have to break if she decides to take her relationship with Scott seriously. To truly ensure the defeat of the league of evil exes, it won’t be enough for Scott to defeat them in combat. Ramona will also have to change the behavior that so spectacularly destroyed her relationships and turned her exes “evil” in the first place.

Personality… guarded, sarcastic, and independent. Ramona refuses to let anyone dictate the terms of her life, doing whatever she wants to do whenever she wants to do it. Her phobia of commitment is often a destructive force in her relationships, and led to the dissolution of her relationships with many members in the League of Evil Exes. While Ramona is cool and confident, her tough exterior masks a lifetime of insecurities that she feels powerless to face. She’s spent her whole life on the run and doesn’t know what will happen to her if she ever stops moving.


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