Character Recommendations Based on Katie

Andy Dwyer Parks and Recreation

A doofus and a teddy bear

Merida Brave

Sometimes a girl has to be her own hero

Janis Ian Mean Girls

Comfortable in her own skin, she doesn't really fit in but doesn't really care, either

Morticia Addams The Addams Family

Shadow-loving matriarch with a bone-dry wit

Merlin Merlin

Half awkward teenager, half super-powerful wizard

Jack Room

His big imagination is never limited by his incredibly cramped surroundings

Marjane Satrapi Persepolis

A free-spirited artist living under the shadow of an oppressive society

George Weasley Harry Potter Series

Constantly getting up to trouble with his twin Fred

Minerva McGonagall Harry Potter Series

A no-nonsense professor famous for her strictness, she only shows her warmer side to those closest to her

Ben Wyatt Parks and Recreation

Serious, work-oriented, and very sweet