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Paranormal Activity

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Grew Up… in a normal suburban family. Katie claims that eerie, seemingly supernatural occurrences have surrounded her since childhood, particularly after a house fire destroyed all her family’s possessions.

Living… with her day-trader boyfriend Micah in their new San Diego home. Their life as a young couple appears perfect on the surface. However, the pair soon realizes that appearances can be deceiving.

Profession… what Katie does for a living isn’t clear. Whatever the job is, however, it tires her out. She returns each day to Micah who, eager after a day spent alone working, usually overwhelms her with his energy.

Interests… making jewelry, talking with friends, and having a glass of wine after work. Katie and Micah enjoy time at home, watching TV while Katie knits and Micah fiddles with his guitar. The pair mostly chat and joke with each other, all recorded on Micah’s new toy: a high-end video camera.

Relationship Status… recently moved in with her long-term boyfriend. They get along, but living with each other has revealed potential problems. Micah does not believe in the supernatural, and jokingly attempts to provoke the alleged spirit haunting the house – which scares Katie. Their spats over the supernatural increase as the mysterious activity become more terrifying.  

Challenge… getting people to believe she is haunted, and knowing what to do next. Katie staunchly believes she is being singled out by evil spirits. But even after convincing some of her friends and family members, she continues to be plagued by violent supernatural activity. Is a peaceful resolution even possible, or will things just get worse and worse?

Personality… reserved and quiet. Katie is uneasy about the strange events that have surrounded her life, but has become used to putting them out of her mind. As supernatural events continue to happen around her, she becomes increasingly erratic.


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