Dan Dreiberg

Dan Dreiberg

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… born in 1945 as the son of rich banker. Using his inheritance, and the blessing of the former superhero the Nite Owl, Dan becomes the Nite Owl II and joins the Crimebusters. 

Living… in retirement after his vigilante days. When one of his former crime fighting colleagues, the masked Rorschach, notes that the death of fellow Crimebuster, the Comedian, is suspicious, Dan wants to investigate.  

Profession… crime fighter and superhero. Nite Owl II combines his love of justice and his genuine obsession with birds.

Interests… academia, birds, justice, and the thrill of a fight. Aside from trying to fight for justice, Dan also has a degree in Aeronautics and Zoology from Harvard University, and contributes to scholarly journals. However, after vigilantes are outlawed, he hates the powerlessness of his situation: "God I'm tired of being afraid, afraid of war, afraid of the mask-killer, and afraid of this goddamn suit, and how much I need it."

Relationship Status… dating former Crimebuster Silk Spectre II aka Laurie Juspeczyk. After Laurie leaves the blue, god-like Dr. Manhattan, she moves in with Dan and the two begin a serious romance. Although he seems a little inexperienced when he first starts seeing Laurie, the two make an excellent pair.

Challenge… saving the world from the brink of nuclear destruction and discovering who murdered the Comedian.

Personality… bookish, friendly, and smart. Dan’s interests are highbrow and academic, but that doesn’t stop him from getting his hands dirty in a fight. He’s a very good-natured and honest guy. 


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